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Elko, NV to Fallon, NV - June 16, 2010

Elko, NV to Fallon, NV
June 16, 2010

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A lot of this Blog is a portion of a bigger Blog created by Sherman Acord, copied with his permission.

After about 20 miles we left Interstate 80 and went 90 some miles down to Eureka, on Hwy 50. It was a cold ride for those on bikes. This is mid-town Eureka, NV.
Skid and Sandy modeling motorcycle clothes

The famous Owl Club where Lil Doc and I had a couple of meals here last August.

Eureka was another Silver Mining town. Lots of neat old building?

The Court house. Still in use.

A newspaper printing museum, the Sentinel.

Trouble was freezing, so I loaned her my jacket and gloves. Looks they fit about like OJ's
gloves. - Sherm

Then we head another 64 mies to Austin, NV along Hwy 50. It was so cold that my teeth started chattering over Austin Summit.
The "Lonliest Road" riders. VTP Don, Skid, Trouble, Sandy and Jamey T.

The International Cafe and Bar
We ate in the restaurant of this old Hotel/Bar. Good place. If you click on the picture, you can read the little sign in the lower right corner of the window :-)

VTP, Jamey, Trouble, Sandy and Skid

Don (back to vsp) showing Jamey the route to the North Shore of Lake Tahoe

We stop at the "Shoe Tree" which is pretty easy to spot since it is the only tree for miles and miles along Hwy 50.
Skid, me, Sandy, Trouble and Jamey

That's my little BMW F650GS in the rear

We ride the last few miles into Fallon and rest at the motel for awhile. Nite Lite and his wife Linda are already there.

Then we go to dinner at the Overland Hotel where I will once again meet up with Eddie and Brenda Alves.

The dinner at the Overland Hotel is a separate Blog - click here.

This is the End of the HSVROC Parade Blog series since the last leg from Fallon, NV to Topaz Lake, NV was an uneventful 98 mile ride through the farmlands of western Nevada.




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