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Kanab, UT to Delta, UT - June 14, 2010

Kanab, UT to Delta, UT
June 14, 2010

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Since we were going to make an early start I decided to change the route for today and ride up Hwy 89 to Salina, UT then turn onto US 50 and head into Delta, UT.

The following was written and belongs to Skid Robinson. It is copied here with his permission.
We made our first stop at a convenience store in Panguitch, UT. The temperature had dropped to 52° and the Californians were feeling the pinch.
Stopped in Panguitch Utah for a break

Further along, it warmed up some and we rode along for another hour before stopping at a rest area just north of Maryvale, UT. This stop had a spectacular backdrop of rock outcrops. We met a family from Georgia who stopped there for a picnic.

The motorcycle part of the parade in a rest area north of Maryvale Utah

Out of the rest area, we entered a canyon posted for "40 MPH curves for five miles". It just doesn't get any better than this.

We joined I-70 and followed it to Salina, UT where we stopped for gas. I took 4.08 gallons and Cranky took 4.09. I was happy with this (over 40 MPG US) until I checked Don and the baby BMW. He took 2.8 gallons. This little bike looks like it might be the answer to the energy crisis. A block down, we found Mom's Cafe with a blue Toyota pickup/HD on a trailer out back. Sandy and Sherm had already ordered. She was having a prime rib sandwich with fries, an absolutely stupendous feed for less than $6.00. There was enough that she saved me half, as well as half her "Utah Scone", which made a more than adequate and very tasty meal.
Mom's Cafe - Salina, Utah

Utah Scone at Mom's Cafe

Cranky and Don chowing down

The following was written and belongs to Sherm Acord. It is copied here with his permission.

Most excellent place to eat in Salida, UT

Daily special, a Prime Rib sandwich for $5.95.

A Utah Scone. Blob of dough dropped into hot grease. Served with Honey Butter and Strawberry jam! A diabetics dream.

The following was written and belongs to Skid Robinson. It is copied here with his permission.
We rolled west on US 50, the "loneliest road in America". Don went on ahead while Cranky and I followed Sherm. The mountains faded behind us as we entered the big, flat empty headed towards Delta, our stop for the night.

We had a running joke that you can't make a wrong turn on US 50 way out here in the west but, as we approached Delta, Sherm and his GPS missed the new 90 degree left turn and covered about 200 yards of the road to Salt Lake City. Backtracking, we came into town and found our Days Inn to be a very nice place. Green grass, a clean pool, spotless grounds and the let us park the bikes under the overhang.

Don left as soon as we got to the motel to check out a museum and the area of another internment camp. It was 15 miles out of town, we were too tired to go out again right now.

I left for the Topaz Museum which houses artifacts from the Topaz WW II Internment Camp.
There I met up with Jane Beckwith who drove me out the 15 miles to view the remains of the Topaz Internment Camp. While at the Topaz Museum I also met Brenda Alves and her husband Eddie who now live in Fallon, NV. Brenda, who is of Japanese heritage and living in Pescadero, CA as a two year old was interned with her family at Topaz for four years.

Slideshow of photos from the Museum and from the location of the Camp

We will meet up again with Eddie and Brenda on June 16, 2010.

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