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Delta, UT to Elko, NV - June 15, 2010

Delta, UT to Elko, NV
June 15, 2010

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The following photos were taken by Sandy Robinson and Sherm Acord and are being used with their permission.

From Delta, UT we head west on US 50 to Ely, NV.
Jamey T. and Trouble, and Don (vsp) on "The loneliest road in America", US Highway 50.

Happiness is Skid in your rear view mirror.

Fresh chip sealing. A 20 minute wait, then about 10 miles of fresh rocks and grease on the road.
Waiting for the Pilot Car

Don, Jamey T., Melanie, and Sandy. A long way from No Where.

Skid hasn't been feeling well, but is much better today. He's still a little under the weather, but refused an offer to drive the truck..He's a tough old bird!

Hwy 50 gives you about 43.4 miles to set up for the next corner. :-)
A very curvy Highway 50. Perfect for cruise control and a nap

We went up and over 7800 feet today, and lots of passes over 6500. Still snow, some fresh in the mountains.
I think this is Ruby Mountain

The obligatory stop at the Hotel Nevada in Ely, NV. Jamey, Melanie and I had a nice lunch here.

After lunch we head up Hwy 93 to Wells, NV. It is such a boring road that Trouble falls asleep on the back of the bike.

But things get really interesting as we approach Wells. The skies open up and the wind starts to howl. Right now we have a heavy tail wind. As we approach Wells we ride through a dust cloud in the middle of a rain storm, go figure.
But at Wells, NV we make a 90° turn heading west to Elko, NV. Now we are faced with 40 mph sustained winds with gusts to 55+ mph. After about 25 of the 50 miles we have to travel from Wells to Elko the road turns so that we are into a head wind and relief. But those 20 minutes or so with the cross wind felt like two hours.

We get to the motel and soon walk to dinner at the Star Hotel. Dinner is in a separate Blog at: Star Hotel Dinner.

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